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Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Bee in my Bonnet

In 2000 I decided to make a start on the body work, so off I went to see Dick Griffiths at RMG Coachworks in Odiham, Surrey. Dick had done some welding for me previously (MoT work...) so I'd seen the quality of his work. Like all good craftsmen he had far too much work than he could cope with, but said he'd be happy to do some work for me.

I'd already picked up a replacement front assembly from Collectors Car Parts in Harmondsworth, Middlesex. So I dropped this down to Dick along with various repair panels to do the job.

Dick is a great guy and a true gentlemen, but he has time management issues! So come late 2003 and my bonnet had remained untouched, I had to give Dick a deadline. Time does go by fast, especially as you get older, but Dick was suitably embarrassed at his lack of progress, so did start work...gradually.

The deadline was the 2004 TSSC South of England meet in Leatherhead in May, so when in February came and Dick called to say he needed the car for a trial fit of the bonnet, all was looking good.

Unfortunately the trial fit didn't go that well, and with much still to do it was already April and the SEM was only 2 weeks away. Dick put in a good final effort and the car would be ready, but only if I could come down for a day to do the re-fit....no problem, I'd be there!...especially as the SEM was the coming weekend so the pressure was on!

The Saturday of the SEM weekend was spent doing a few final touches. The event was a bit of a wash out weather wise, so on the Sunday it was unofficially moved the the car park to avoid the mud, so I went down to show off the very shiny new bonnet.

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