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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Getting Greasy

The bodywork needed attention, but above all I wanted to make sure it was reliable, so over the first few years of ownership I concentrated on the getting it running (and stopping) right.

  • Brakes - I fitted copper brake pipes, cross drilled brake discs, EBC Green Stuff brake pads, Goodridge braided hoses, rear brake cylinders, new master cylinder, new seals and clean-up of the calipers and filled the system with silicone fluid.
  • Front Suspension - I fitted new shocks, springs, rubber bushes, Trunnions, track rod ends and solid mounts to the steering rack.
  • Rear Suspension - Again new shocks and rubber bushes were fitted.
  • Gearbox - The old noisy 3-synch unit was replaced for a nice new 4-synch unit, a new 3 piece clutch kit was fitted for good measure. The clutch pipe was replaced with copper and filled with silicone fluid.
  • Half-shafts - 1 new half shaft (someone had welded the UJ's into place on one side), new bearings and UJ's both sides were fitted.
  • Ignition - Out with the old points & condenser, in with electronic ignition, high performance coil and HT leads.
  • Other smaller jobs included replacing the fuel pump as the original unit was leaking, and replacing the Stromberg Carb to fix a vapourisation problem.

She now started, drove and stopped much better!

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