In 1998 I bought a Triumph Herald 13/60, here you can read about it's restoration and share in a few photo's from it's travels. Please feel free to leave comments to any of the posts, of even email me if you want to.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Inspection

There were a number of problems that were discovered over the first few weeks of ownership, to list but a few:
  • The bottoms of both doors we very rusty
  • The Bonnet front panel was being held together by the paint
  • The 2 footwells had been bodged badly
  • The rear deck had a ripple effect
  • The front wings had undergone a make-shift repair
  • The dash looked as if someone had bitten a chunk out of it
  • The header rail and side rails of the hood were no longer joined on one side

So why did I buy it.....partly because Michele (my wife) said I could only buy one if it was Wedgwood Blue, this narrowed the search quite a bit, it was local, the sun was shining and it was a concertible.....I had no option really!

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