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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Open Heart Surgery

The engine always started and ran pretty well, so I wasn't expecting too much work in this area. The only problem was that it leaked oil from the crankshaft seals.

The crankshaft, camshaft & pistons were left in place as they seemed to be in good condition. So it got a good clean, the core plugs, front and rear crankshaft seals were all replaced, as was the timing chain tensioner, push rods & cam followers. A coat of shiny black engine enamel finished off the job ready for reuniting to the chassis.

Tip: Loosen the crankshaft nut when the engine is still in the car, as these are VERY tight.

The engine had been running all this time with the wrong combination of oil pump & sump, which meant there had been no straining of the oil the pump was collecting. A replacement sump was sourced from Rarebits4Classics.

I did plan to re-grind the valves to clean them up, but upon their removal the valve seats were heavily pitted, so I plumped for a recon unleaded head instead.

This however threw up it's own problems as when I put the rocker assembly back on, 4 of the rockers didn't line up with the valves. It turned out that Canley Classics had supplied a rare limited production run head from a 1300 FWD, fortunately they had a matching rocker shaft which they sent FOC!

The gearbox was replaced back in 2001, so this was just given a clean.

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