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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ups and Downs

Despite replacing all the suspension bushes a few years back, I decided I wanted to use poly-bushes this time around, this should mean no need to touch any of these bushes for some considerable time.

All the wishbones, vertical links etc. were all shot blasted and painted, the brake calipers, drums and springs just cleaned and painted.

The front suspension went together without much fuss, the rear however was proving to be a little troublesome. Obviously the rear spring is under tension, but I was having real trouble getting the spring eye and vertical link lined up to get the bolt through, I just could not get the leverage I needed, all I was managing to do was lift the whole chassis.

Now there is a special tool to do this job, but normally it's not needed, but after several frustrating weekends I decided that the only option was to buy a Spring Lifter from the TSSC shop. It duly arrived after a few days, and with a helper to sit on the chassis to add a little weight, both bolts were fitted in around 10 minutes.....the joys of having the correct tool for the job!

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