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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Off to the bodyshop!

It's been a while since I updated this section, a combination of other demands on my time and the fact there has been no major developments. With the chassis effectively complete, many of the tasks ahead would only need to be done once the bodywork was completed.

The bulkhead, rear tub, doors and boot were all being stored up at a warehouse near Heathrow where I work. A friendly work colleague offered to drive these down to Devon one weekend, so in July 2008 I had all the essential components in one place again.

During this period of apparent inactivity, some small jobs were getting done. Various items were being cleaned and painted, such as the steering column, air vents, pedal boxes, horns, hood frame and fuel tank.

The hood frame I'd broken down into its various components, and for once I forgot to take any photos, so reassembly proved far more difficult than it should have been.

With the next major part being the bodywork, I was still needing to find a garage that could undergo the work. A brother of an acquaintance run a garage, so I took a recommendation from him and paid a visit. A price was agreed and the car was provisionally booked in for the first week of Jan-09.

As the time approached, doubts over my choice of bodyshop were raised by a couple of comments from people over the quality of their work. I chose to temporarily postpone the booking whilst I could investigate further and get alternative quotes.
A local garage was asked to quote, but they were some £2,000 more than the original which put the work out of my reach. So with dwindling options I reconfirmed the booking with the original garage, only to receive 2 independent positive recommendations for a guy less than a mile from where I live.

The fact he was so close by was a huge bonus, this would allow me to keep an eye on progress, he was also reasonably priced and was confident about producing the finish required. Feeling much happier about my choice in bodyshop, it was arranged he'd collect the following weekend.

So on 21st Feb. 09, all body panels went off, followed a week later by the chassis.

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