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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Clyinder Head on, well maybe....

With the drive train now back on to the chassis I was able to start getting the rest of the engine fitted. I had treated myself to a reconditioned cylinder head from Canley Classics, but this was way back in August 2007, as we were now in March 2008 I was looking forward to getting this item fitted.

Following the instructions in my Haynes workshop manual, I fitted the new studs and gasket, then slid the head onto the block and torqued down the nuts in the correct order. New cam followers and pushrods were also installed - so far so good. The rocker shaft assembly looked in pretty good order, so a quick clean up was all that was needed and it was bolted into position. I stepped back to admire my handy work only to see all 4 of the exhaust valve and the associated rockers out of line....how could this be as it's impossible to fit the cylinder head or rocker shaft incorrectly!

I initially turned to the TSSC messageboard for advice, replies we supportive but not coming up with any solution, until one post mentioned a rare 1300 head that had different valve spacing. This seemed a very plausible answer, so I emailed Canley Classics for their advice.

Initially they were of the opinion that all 1300 heads were the same, but a discussion with an ex-employee and an email out to the previous owner John Kipping, and it was confirmed that in around 1966 Triumph produced a short run of cylinder heads where the valves were spaced differently and I had one, lucky me! With the cylinder head fitted I really didn't want to have to take it off and I'm sure Canley Classics didn't want to have to replace it. David at Canley Classics sent one of his lads to check the parts bin to see if he could find a corresponding rocker shaft assembly, what were the chances? At best it was a long shot, though amazingly one was found and is currently being reconditioned (FOC) and will be with me shortly.

Happy in the knowledge that the head was staying put, I could set about getting some other bits back on the car. Inlet & exhaust manifolds went on first, then followed by the stainless steel exhaust purchased a few years ago, then the water pump housing, water pump and fan.

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