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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bodywork - 2 Weeks In

The first 2 weeks have all been about getting the bottom of the rear tub straight, going round with a  hammer & dolly getting rid of all the little imperfections and grinding down excess welding etc. 

The tub seemed to have been shot blasted previously, so it was decided the it didn't need doing a second time. Shot blasting can cause distortion, so as it was basically sound all the preparation is to be done by hand.

Once the bottom and inside were prepped, a coats of protective stone ship were applied to the underneath. Not the most attractive but it will ensure this kind of work won't be necessary for a long time to come, this will be painted in the body colour if the coming week, so will look heaps better.

The inside of the tub was given a layer of etch-primer to highlight any areas that need further attention.

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