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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bodywork - 5 Weeks In

Visually not much progress you might think, and true there was one week of inactivity due to staff shortages due to sickness, but there has been at least one significant mile stone reached, and that was getting the body panels lined up.

Triumph Herald's were open to the vagaries of British build quality of the 60's and 70's, and that included poor panel fit. You'll see many Triumphs today with far better gaps than they ever left the factory with, so a day spent getting this right was time well spent in my view. 

With the help of fellow TSSC member Steve Cureton who sent me a great pdf of a Triumph document about body fitting, along with three other documents I had (which I'd forgotten all about until I found by chance), some truly impressive 5mm (3/16") gaps were achieved all around.  I had a day off recently, so was fortunate to be there at this significant moment.

The most recent jobs were to straighten out the boot floor and fill in all the holes that were exposed during work done by the previous guardian of the rear tub. As I left the guys today the boot was being trial fitted to see what adjustments were necessary and then onto tidying up all the small welding jobs.

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