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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bodywork - 6 Weeks In

Another week gone and 2 weeks longer than the predicted time to complete there whole job (but hey, who's counting!), the inside of the front and rear tubs have all now been painted, it looks great!!

The plan for the forthcoming week is to start work on the doors, sills and outer bodywork to get all the little dinks and dents sorted all ready for the final paint. Not far away at all now and I'm really looking forward to doing the refit, especially now all the parts have arrived (except the Dashboard).

There will be no prizes to anyone that spots the spare wheel well in the boot is in round the wrong way, this was done by the previous owner of the rear tub, who had started work on it, I'll just have to make sure to check it after it's been out in the rain...

Roll on the weekend for the next instalment.

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