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Monday, May 4, 2009

Bodywork - 10 Weeks In

It's close, very close! 

The main body & bonnet has received it new paint, doesn't it look good?!!

The doors, boot, front valance and a few small bits need to be done also, but these are planned to be done during this week.

There's a couple of small runs that need to be polished out, and  it needs it final polish to give that extra bit of shine.

The refit I am doing myself, but in the workshop where it's being painted. This is a great bonus as it means I have experts on hand to ask advice and get a little help if needed.

So whilst still in the paint booth I spent a couple of hours getting the wiring into position, and fitting the mounting brackets for the brake & clutch master cylinders.....first problem!!

The master cylinder mounting brackets are the highly polished type, so not the originals. The brake one fitted no problem, but the clutch is angled slightly more shallow than the originals which means the master cylinder is fouling the bulkhead....I'm waiting to hear from the supplier.

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