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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bodywork/Refit - 12 Weeks In

Bodywork - All the major panels are now painted, but doors & front valance still need to be fitted. 

Refit - Progress is steady, I just can't spend the time on it I'd like. This is partly due to the fact I am 200 miles away from the car during the week, and time at the weekend has to be shared with more mundane tasks.

The engine bay is close to completion, I just need to get the heater back in, connect the solenoid to the starter and get myself a battery. The fuel tank went back in a couple of weeks ago, the dashboard and dials I'm hoping to get fitted this weekend, so fingers crossed we're not that far away from seeing if the engine can play a tune....time will then tell if I managed to reassemble the engine correctly!

The problem with the clutch master cylinder bracket mentioned in the previous post was resolved, Paul Copeland from Stainless For Classics swapped the item and all fitted snugly after that.

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