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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clutch & Earth - 22 Weeks In

A week after the jubilation of getting the engine running nicely, it was back to pressing on with the numerous other jobs to get the car complete. I left the car the weekend before sounding good but running a little hot and suffering from a sticky clutch.

The water level had dropped a fair bit once the engine had been run for a while, so topping up the radiator seemed to make a difference - no surprise there. No leaks anywhere, so was just the system filling and the level settling. An earthing problem maybe contributing to this as the engine will only turn over on the battery if a jump lead is run from the battery to the engine. I suspect this is down to a bad earth on either the battery earth or engine to chassis leads, probably caused by my lack of desire to scratch off new paint to make the contact good enough.

New earth leads have been ordered and will be fitted this weekend, ensuring the contacts to body & chassis are not obstructed by fresh paint!

On to the clutch - the slave cylinder was removed and tested, all hydraulics were working fine. A quick check of the lever arm & clevis pin showed all was in order, so no doubts really that the clutch plate was stuck. The engine was warmed up and the clutch pedal left pressed down overnight. Back the next day, started the engine and the I could place in gear...progress - releasing the clutch however and a slight grinding noise could be heard. There's not much adjustment in the slave cylinder, but loosening the bolt and moving it back slightly seemed to do the trick. This has only been tested up on a ramp, driving the car for real will be the only way of knowing for sure if all is OK.

All the electrics have been working for a while, but a lack of brake lights had been bugging me for some time. The wiring harness was renewed about 8 years ago, so I wasn't expecting any issues, but the power just wasn't getting to the back of the car. The only probable cause being a break in the cable so I've had to run a new length from the switch to the boot. I left the old wire in place, but secured out of the way, just in case I ever want to revisit the problem.

A few bits of the interior went back in also.

I've been rubbish at taking any photos recently, so made an effort this weekend to take a few snaps to include in this post.

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