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Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Engine Woes - 21 Weeks In

My last post mentioned I wasn't worried yet about the glowing oil & battery light, well I should have been and was for a couple of weeks in the end.

The engine had good oil pressure before it was taken off the road so I dismantled the oil pump whilst the engine was out of the car but decided it was OK, so just refitted it, so didn't think it would be faulty. As ever the TSSC Message Board was a good source of advice...'the pump's not priming' seemed to be a suitably good reason, so armed with an electric drill the pump was spun over faster than normal to help this. Initially it seemed to do the trick as the oil light went out. A quick reassembly of the distributor to test for real, and the bugger was still glowing brightly.....damn!

A few more attempts with the drill and it was obvious it was something more serious, so I got the car up on the ramp, sump off and a quick look to see if there was anything obvious....which there wasn't. However when I started to undo the 3 bolts that held the pump body to the block, the oil pick-up park crumbled in to 6 bits. Why this happened was a mystery, but clearly was the reason for my troubles.

Back when I was working on the engine I discovered I had the wrong pump/sump combination. The type of pump I had needed a sump with a gauze tray, which I didn't have. So I disposed of the old one (it was in need of replacement anyway) and purchased the correct one.

Now the pump I had you can't buy anymore, you can only seem to buy them with the gauze bowl fitted directly to the pump, so when my new pump arrived the sump was in need of some surgery. Working at Steve's garage is great, he has just about every tool you can imagine, so with his air powered saw the gauze tray was cut away in about 30 seconds....job done.

So with the new oil pump fitted, the sump back on and a top up with oil and we were at the moment of truth.....after spinning the engine over a few times just to build some oil pressure, the ever willing engine fired up on the turn of the key and the oil light went out almost immediately. To say I was a relieved man would be an understatement.

The engine ticked over nicely, oil light stayed out, no sign of the leaks from a while back. Temp gauge was getting a bit high, so that's the next little problem to overcome, but that's a job for next week.

Whilst Steve was around I got him to help me bleed the brakes and clutch, brakes were a doddle - peddle feels nice and firm. Clutch seemed to bleed OK, but I can't engage any gears and the peddle feels a little lighter than I remember....that'll be 2 jobs for next week then.

In between all this most of the carpets and all the seats are back in, just need to get the clutch sorted before the gearbox tunnel goes in and I can put the last piece of carpet in.

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