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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update - 25 Weeks In

I have to admit I thought the car would be back on the road by now, but as I only have the weekend to work on it, sometimes not for very long I guess it's no surprise there's still a bit to do. So what have I been doing in recent weeks you might ask. Lot's of fiddly jobs that seem to take forever.

Nice easy job to start and that was to fit a new engine earth lead, this time in the correct place which is the steering rack mount to front engine cover, this time ensuring the connections weren't compromised with lots of fresh paint. With the engine earthed correctly, not more sluggish cranking, it turns over nicely.

Onto the fiddly jobs which were to fit:
  • Seat belts
  • Rear side trims
  • Web strapping to hood frame
  • Passenger door internals
  • Rivet on all the clips for the chrome trim (there's got to be around 50 of these buggers!)
  • Gearbox tunnel
Possible the longest 'little job' was fitting the new rear over-riders, now either the mounting points on the rear tub were skewed or the fittings on the over-riders themselves weren't quite tight, either way it took 4 hours of fiddling to get them on. In the end I had to fabricate a threaded rod rather than use a bolt for the drivers side.

Pain in the a*se job, but don't they look the business!!

Funds just aren't stretching to do anything else with the interior, so the nice shiny exterior is going to be let down a little with some tatty seats. The drivers one is passable, the passenger is bad and the rear just about acceptable. But easy jobs for another time, I just want to start driving her again.

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