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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MOT Countdown

It's been a whole month since my last update, have I got lots to report?....kind of.

The last month has mainly been about panel alignment, or lack of them! The good gaps & profile achieved when the car was in primer seem to have gone missing somewhere, so several weekends of head-scratching and things are slowing coming together.

The picture on the left is from a couple of weeks ago, you can see things aren't quite right. However as I left on Sunday the passenger side was looking significantly better after Steve performed some surgery on the door (and had to repaint it). The drivers door is due for the same treatment this week, however Steve is due to go on holiday on Thursday, so fingers crossed that it gets done.

I think we've had several factors working against us.
  • Doors with previous repairs that we now know weren't quite right.
  • Replacement sills that weren't the greatest fit
  • A bonnet assembly that had been done for me in 2004, but was put together to match with my old badly fitting doors.
I think this is all par for the course with Heralds, Steve often quotes a line from some Triumph literature I gave him that said "do whatever is necessary to make if fit" and we have! Some of the measures (not bodges!) that have been taken are:
  • Jack out the Windscreen pillar to give good lines on the quarterlight.
  • Add shims to door hinges to get a few extra mm of adjustment.
  • Enlarge the holes for the bonnet catches to bring the bonnet down.
  • Elongate the bonnet straps at the front to close up the gap to the doors
None of this is ideal, but I'm sure it's all been done before. After all I'm not trying to build a show winning car here, just a tidy example.

I have a date for the MOT, Monday 12th October, so with a deadline now bearing down on me I really need to get going with a not too long list of things to do. Jobs still to be done are:
  • Align the front valence.
  • Fit the front overriders.
  • Adjust the headlights.
  • Fit the Headlamp rims and grill.
  • Fit Door cards and handles.
  • Fit and plumb in the washer bottle.
  • Fit the hood.
  • Check over the suspension one last time to make sure nothing falls off.
Things I'm worried about?
  • Clutch - It had stuck on the flywheel, I have released it but I need to drive it to make sure it's OK.
  • It runs a little hot.
  • Fuel gauge has gone from constantly reading full to not working at all.
50 years since the birth of the Herald, hopefully I can celebrate with getting one more back on the road.

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