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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clutch Update

Further to my previous post, the spring washers on the flywheel bolts and the potential for it working loose were bugging me too much, so out it all came again. Off with the clutch, spring washers removed and the all put back together again - a pain in the a*se, but ultimately the right decision.

With the interior is all back in, the following still needs to be done:
  • Steve to perform a little surgery on the drivers door & repaint
  • The whole car needs a final polish to clear up a few minor blemishes
  • Fit the both the internal & external door trim
  • Get all 5 wheels balanced
  • Get tracking checked
  • Fit Hood
  • Final grease and oil of trunnions etc.
  • Final check of all suspension nuts/bolts to make sure they're OK.
  • Take for MoT
  • Drive her!!
Have I missed anything?....probably.

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