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Friday, November 6, 2009

Doors & Hoods

The finish line is edging closer, but its resembling Jenson Button's F1 title bid....at the beginning it looked like a formality but then seemed like it'd never happen!

The reshaped door is back on and just in need of a little alignment and hopefully that'll be the last of the major bodywork done. All that's left in this area is a final polish to remove a few blemishes.

We began fitting the hood last weekend, it's in position and secured with the rear chrome strip. Tomorrow it should be finished. The Vinyl hood was purchased from TSSC, and so far the quality and fit is of a high standard, so if you're considering who to order from, I would recommend them.

It's funny how some small jobs are quite satisfying. I've never liked the wooden gear knob that was on the car originally, so fitting a nice new polished steel item and gear gate badge seemed strangely rewarding...

Jobs still to do:

  • Finish off the hood
  • Fit external door handles
  • Fit internal door trim
  • Balance wheels
  • Get tracking checked
  • MoT
See, nearly there.

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