In 1998 I bought a Triumph Herald 13/60, here you can read about it's restoration and share in a few photo's from it's travels. Please feel free to leave comments to any of the posts, of even email me if you want to.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hood Frame (Part 1)

OK, so the hood isn't finished. The hood frame was never a good fit, it wasn't before the restoration (see photo) and it certainly isn't now. Therefore the hood is only partially fitted whilst a replacement and hopefully straighter frame arrives courtesy of Ebay.

On the plus side Steve has given the paintwork a polish so I did mange to finish off the external trim on both doors, and internal trim on the passenger door. I've managed to lose one of the fixing screws for the door mirrors, so only the drivers door got fitted.....

Christmas shopping in Exeter next weekend, so maybe no Triumph time for a couple of weeks!

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