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Friday, January 1, 2010

MoT - 2nd Attempt....

After my somewhat premature MoT aspirations back in October, I was all geared up for a 2nd attempt on New Years Eve. However luck went against me and Steve broke the bad news that the garage due to carry it out had suffered some kind of equipment failure, so it wouldn't be possible. With Steve due to go on holiday for a week, we now have a another attempt pencilled in on 9th Jan 2010.

To back track a few weeks since my last update, where I was just about to paint the replacement hood frame. The good news is that it has proved to be a much better fit than my original item, but other factors are still playing their part in spoiling to look of the fitted hood.

The header rail is a re-manufactured item I bought from Canley Classics about 10 years ago, it wasn't the greatest fit back then, and I'm convinced that it is pulling the side rails of the hood frame too low, causing the quarter lights to hit the alloy runners that carry the rubber seals. An original item off Ebay is on its way if the bloody couriers ever get round to collecting it!

Also despite the key points of the hood being in the correct places, or so I believe, it doesn't fit right in certain areas. It's serving its functional purpose in that it will keep me dry, but aesthetically it's not as pleasing to the eye as it should be. It's a good quality hood in terms of the material, but the jury is out on whether the cut of the material is as good. I have found a couple of local-ish places that fit hoods, so will take to one of them for a second opinion.

The Christmas period did allow me to get the car cleaned up for the photos needed for the agreed valuation for the insurance, and taking a clean car to the MoT makes you feel more hopeful it will pass. That's if you actually make it there of course.

The car is in need of a thorough clean in and out to rid it of the months of dust it has gathered being in Steve's garage....a Sunday afternoon job for when it has finally made it to the MoT station and passed!

The drivers door is still in need of some adjustment, and whilst the panel fit is not perfect it was restored on a tight budget, so some compromise is needed. Some photos of the almost finished article....

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