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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good Vibrations

The weather has been beautiful here in Devon this weekend, which spurred me into doing a couple of jobs on my 'to do' list. Most importantly was to fix the vibration that could be felt from 45~60mph.

The balancing & tracking weren't to blame, these were done shortly after the MoT pass in January, so the next likely cause was the propshaft. For a small sum I purchased a rusty strap type from Spitbitz, cleaned it up, fitted new UJ's and left it with Propshaft Services in Feltham, Middlesex to have it balanced. Finally fitted it today and what a difference, everything is now nice a smooth.....

The other job was to fit a 'Dis-car-nect' security device, which I hadn't done as I had to make up a new battery lead but didn't have a heavy duty crimping tool. A little improvisation with a vice, standard crimping tool and a hammer and it was all fitted in a round 10 minutes.

2 good jobs done, but still need to fix and fit an original header rail to my hood frame.

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