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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bad Vibrations

It would seem my excitement in getting rid of the vibration was short lived, whilst the replacement propshaft did get rid of the quite pronounced shaking between 45~60mph, I now have a slightly more discreet vibration from 55mph upwards. I've tried replacing the engine & gearbox mounts, but that didn't improve anything.

On a more positive note I have taken a large hammer and vice to the hood frame which has got that fitting much better. Still need to get to a local trimmer to sort my poorly fitting hood.

I purchased 2 used front seats that were fairly knackered, but the covers were in good order. As I arrived in St. Austell to collect them I discovered that they were blue and not black. The Ebay add didn't mention the colour and I didn't ask.... All is not lost as Woollies Trim do a very effective vinyl paint, I will post a picture of the finished article once refitted.

I've also recovered & fitted the board that separates the boot and back seat areas. Nice easy job that makes the boot area look finished.

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