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Monday, December 20, 2010

Herald Update

As it's been 6 months since the last Herald news, I thought it about time to write a few words.

Running hot - Heralds shouldn't run hot, the cooling system is more than up for the job, so I thought it a bit odd that on my trip to St. Austell earlier in the year that the temperature gauge was 2/3 round the gauge. Turns out that the thermostat (from a well known Triumph supplier) was some obscure 96° item. A quick swap to a standard 82° thermostat and all was well.

Vibration - Still there, need to try rotating the propshaft at each flange in turn to see if it changes. If not I may get my original solid prop balanced and refitted.

Hood - The pictures below show the problem. The hood cuts the corner of the side window, meaning you have to lower slightly to open & close the door to stop it catching.

Plus it's very tight around the rear quarters.

Hours of fiddling didn't help, so I showed it to a local trimmer who believed the hood had shrunk, and to fix would need adding in more material. The cost to do this was more that the hood cost in the first place, so I'm reluctant to go this route for now.

If anyone has any suggestions, then do let me know.

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