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Monday, December 20, 2010

Lights, Fans & Relays (Part 1)

I know what Santa is bringing me.....a 10" electric fan and a pair of classic chrome spotlights, very decent of him!

The electric fan is not because I'm concerned about the cooling of the Herald, it's so I can remove the mechanical fan, save a few bhp and to improve the warm up from cold. Any TSSC members reading this may have seen Derek Giles excellent article in The Courier on doing this conversion. In preparation I have already had a 22mm boss fitted to the radiator, I had it re-cored while it was there also, seemed logical and it was reasonably priced. A bit of research identified that the Intermotor 50295 fan switch was a good match, as it comes on at 88° which is 6° higher that the thermostat opens.

In terms of wiring it in, Derek's article suggests adding in a manual switch and a warning light, but I'm not going to bother as long as the switch & thermostat are matched all should work fine (in theory). I can always add a manual override switch in later if I need to.

I done a Halogen conversion
on the headlights some years back, but always felt a bit disappointed with their output, so fitting a pair of classic chrome spotlights have always been something I wanted to do.

Due to the fragility of the Herald wiring, you can't just connect the spotlights up to the same circuit as the main beam without making some mods. With the help of other TSSC members on the messageboard, I finally got my head round how to add them without melting the existing wiring, so have attached a wiring diagram below for those that understand auto-electrics as badly as I do.

Adding in a relay to the existing wiring (whether you add spotlights or not) will give you brighter lights and protect the column & dash switches, so it's a useful exercise anyway. A standard 30amp 4 pin relay is all you need, some 17amp cable and some suitable connectors. If you can't find what you need at your local Halfords, then try www.autosparks.co.uk

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