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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lights, Fans & Relays (Part 2)

All the wiring is now done, the fan is in place and seems to be working correctly, the only thing missing are the spotlights. I want to mount these without drilling into the front panel (not that they would fit this way anyhow), so I need to fabricate a clamp/bracket that fits to the metal grill, I have a plan I just need to do it.

The wiring was neatly cut into the existing loom. I bought relay/fuse holders to replicate a mini fuse box rather that using in-line fuses and just using a self tapper to fix the relays. This gives a neater appearance and the opportunity to add other fuses on circuits that didn't need relays.

The 4 relays you see are for dip beam, main beam, spotlights and fan, with an additional fuse added for the sidelights. There is more clearance between the relays and the alternator than the photo suggests.

Feeds for the 4 relays were all taken from the live side of the solenoid, this means that the fan will run briefly to cool the radiator even with the the ignition is off. I used 4 separate 17amp cables as I had this to hand, you could use fewer higher rated cables if you prefer.

Here are some photos of the temperature sensor and fan in place.

And a wiring diagram.

This is a bit of a fiddly job, so it took a little time, but you don't have to add the extra relays or fuses in as I have. I also ensured that wiring colours were retained so it was simple to track the wiring, but used a non-Triumph colour for the fan.

Definitely a worthwhile job.

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