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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

530 Miles in 4 days

Every Monday morning I head back to Heathrow for 4 days of toil, returning home to Devon on Thursday night.

On the drive home a couple of Thursdays ago the Fiat suffered a premature wheel bearing failure, and with the local dealer not being able to get the part before Monday and my SLK SORN'd the Herald was my only roadworthy vehicle.

So at 4am last Monday I set off on the long journey to work, then 4 days of commuting to my folks and the journey home. The old girl didn't miss a beat, the only problems being the re-emergence of the vibration further up the speed range and a loss of heat in the cabin for periods of the return journey.

So a total of 530 miles in 4 days, more miles than I had done in the whole of the previous year. I never doubted she would be OK, but pleased it went without a hitch all the same.

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