In 1998 I bought a Triumph Herald 13/60, here you can read about it's restoration and share in a few photo's from it's travels. Please feel free to leave comments to any of the posts, of even email me if you want to.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Herald....

....no, not for me, I would be sleeping in the garage if I bought another classic home. As part of my involvement in a local Classic Car Restoration business (Milton Damerel Classics) we have recently started work on a Herald Estate belonging to TSSC Specials secretary Trevor Collett.

A very special car to Trevor, as is was his first foray in Triumph ownership several decades ago. It's not been used in this millennium so the work required is extensive, but it will live again.

First job was to separate the body & chassis, it wasn't pretty, all the outriggers and side rails were shot, so plenty to be getting on with.

For any TSSC members wanting to know more, have a read of Trevor's article in The Courier for May, for non-members there are some pictures are below.

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