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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Melting Wires

Last Saturday (9th July) I was preparing the car for the Powderham Show which was the following day, after a quick wash and check of essentials I went to put the car away for the night but she wouldn't start, which was odd as she always fires up on the button. After 10 minutes or so of head scratching I cranked the engine over using the button on the side of the starter solenoid, only to see the wire melt which runs from the switch to flasher unit to the coil.

After several hours of pondering what the problem could be, a comment on the TSSC forum prompted be to take a closer look at the wiring diagram, which then made me think there's only one reason the wire would melt like that and that would be because it's earthing somewhere. After popping the dizzy cap off it didn't take long to discover a small break in the live wire feeding the electronic ignition module, which must have been earthing during engine cranking.

Sunday came and with no hope of making Powderham I temporarily isolated the bare live wires to prove my theory and she started first time, that was good news. I stripped the loom all the way back to the ignition switch to see what damage had been done, fortunately it was just the live feed from the switch, all neighbouring wires were all in good shape....phew!

I popped off the electronic ignition module to take a closer look at the broken insulation, the break was just a few mm from the ignition module so I tried to repair it with heatshrink tape but it didn't quite cover it, so I used some liquid insulation tape which worked a treat.

By design there is only one fuse in the Herald loom. I had added fuses & relays to the front lights earlier in the year and hidden a 30amp fuse in the control box years ago when I done the alternator conversion, but all other lives had nothing. So to avoid any repeat of this and given the loom was now stripped I took the opportunity to add a fuse box and route all the live feeds from the ignition switch (white wires) through it, adding a couple of extra connections for any future accessories.

All this for under £20 and a few evenings in the garage, a worthwhile and cheap upgrade to keep you pride & joy safe from electrical maladies!

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