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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Electronic Flasher Units

If you ever want to fit LED bulbs for your indicators you'll need to replace the old Bi-Metal flasher unit with an electronic item, I normally use Autosparks for anything electrical.

I initially fitted it by connecting the white live wire from the switch to terminal 49, the light green/brown wire from the wiper switch to 49a, then the light green/purple wire I connected to terminal 31 to earth via the warning light on the dash. This kind of worked in that the indicators flashed but the warning light on the dash didn't.

To overcome this you'll need get an insulated bulb holder and a short length of both green/red & green/white (14/0.30 8.75amps) PVC Cable, 1 metre of each should be plenty. Under the dash by the steering column you find these 2 coloured wires joined by single bullet connector. Replace the single bullet connectors with doubles and spur the 2 wires off to your new bulb holder and pop it in the back of the instrument.

This leaves your light green/purple cable and original bulb holder with nowhere to go, just snip off the bulb holder and run this wire to earth.

Job done!

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