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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Engine Rebuild (Part 1)

During the restoration of the Herald the bottom end of the engine was only treated to new crank seals, core plugs and oil pump. Within 6 months the rear crank seal had started to leak, so I either had to accept the fact it was dropping oil and keep a close eye on the level or do something about it.

Initial plan was to remove the gearbox, clutch and flywheel, then drop the sump and remove the housing that hold the seal. A fair old job and quite frankly couldn't face doing it, so I decided to rebuild a spare 'GE' engine I bought many years ago.

Not wanting to build just a standard Herald engine, I decided I would do some modifications along the way just to give the car a little more oomph. This is a project to be done over a period of time as the current engine runs very well, just drops oil....

First step was to have the block bored out to +60, then with the advice of the extremely helpful Jigsaw Racing I purchased a slightly warmer camshaft (70/30 30/70).

Larger inlet & exhaust valves, you can see the comparison below, this required the opening up of the valve seats in the head of course. The head was converted to unleaded and had a very light skim while at the machine shop.

The crank was already at +10 and needed nothing more than a polish, the flywheel was skimmed at the same time.

Next steps will be to do a little gas flowing to the head and get the block acid dipped.

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