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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Engine Rebuild (Part 4)

With all the paint fully dry it was time to start building up the rest of the engine. First was to fit the core plugs, then the front engine plate, which then allowed me to fit the duplex timing gears.

Duplex Timing Chain Gears
The duplex timing chain kits don't have any timing marks on them, so not as easy to set the timing as with the originals. To set the timing I first needed to refit the cylinder head (after inserting the cam followers), I then tightened the head nuts in the correct order and to the required torque. Next I dropped in the 8 pushrods and refitted the rocker shaft.

Once the rocker shaft had been tightened I turned the crank to raise No.8 pushrod so it was at its highest point, then I set the valve clearance on No. 1 rocker to 0.040", then I did the same with No. 7 pushrod and No. 2 rocker.

I then turned the crank to get No. 1 piston to TDC, then I turned the cam so No.1 & No.2 valves were at their point of balance, this is when one is about to open as the other is about to close. Once happy the crank and cam were positioned correctly I removed the camshaft gear, fitted the chain over both gears, moving a tooth at a time until the camshaft gear bolt holes were nicely lined up with the threads on the camshaft. Be aware that the 4 holes in the camshaft gear are offset to the teeth, meaning that turning the gear a quarter turn will make something like half a tooth difference.

Timing complete and cover fitted
Once I was happy everything was timed up nicely, the new tensioner was fitted to the cover and the cover fitted to the front plate. I then fitted the bottom pulley and called it a day.

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