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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Engine Rebuild (Part 5)

Once the head was on and camshaft timing set, it was just a matter of adding water pump & thermostat housings, water pump and setting the valve clearances. Then onto the engine stand so the oil pump & sump could go on.

Fully built engine on stand

A repainted rocker cover is on as a temporary measure, the Alloy one from my current engine will be transferred over during the swap. New NGK plugs and oil filter on.

The toothed crank pulley and sensor you can see in the photos are for a Megajolt conversion which will be coming later in the year hopefully, but for now the original distributor with the long serving Aldon Ignitor electronic unit will be retained.

Fully built engine on stand

The 4 branch stainless steel manifold ordered from the TSSC shop is on just for show! This will be complemented with a pair of SU HS2 carbs from a MK4 Spitfire.

4 Branch stainless steel exhaust trial fitted

It's just a matter of fitting it now.....

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