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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Engine Rebuild (Part 6)

Just so I could see how the engine would look fully built up, I decided to fit the manifold, twin SU carbs and K&N Filters. These will all come off again when the engine goes in, but it gave me an excuse to play with it some more and it's a good photo opportunity.

Engine fully built up and ready to fit.
One thing I had to resolve was a rod from the linkage as it was missing from when I purchased the carbs. With measurements provided by my cousin-in-law, I purchased the correct diameter rod and bent into shape.

Missing linkage on SU Carbs
Another minor obstacle was the throttle cable as the standard Herald item would be too short for the twin SU's, so it was to the TSSC Forum for some opinion on the best way to resolve. 

A custom cable was always an option, but Garth from the TSSC Club Shop came up with a solution I hadn't considered. It was to fit a throttle peddle from a MKIV/1500 Spitfire, this allows the use of the standard Spitfire cable, plus the holes for the mounting bracket are already on the Herald bulkhead. The only downside is that you need to drill a new hole in the top of the bulkhead and plug the original, as the cable exits in a different position.

Spitfire Peddle bought on Ebay
Same peddle after a clean and paint.
The only thing left to do now is fit everything.

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