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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Megajolt (Part 2)

Now the new engine is in and running pretty well, my attention turns to the Megajolt Ignition system. As Part 1 of this topic mentioned, I had the pulley fitted with the 36-1 trigger wheel during the engine rebuild.

With the EDIS, coil pack and crank sensor connected you can get the car to run in 'limp' mode, this is a good test to do anyway as it proves that these three components are working and the wiring is correct. Apart from one false start due to a faulty sensor, I've had the Herald running this way and checked the timing, it run as hoped with a rock solid timing figure of 10°.

There are a couple of critical factors when mounting the Crank Sensor. Firstly the bracket must be substantial enough so it doesn't vibrate or flex, secondly the gap between it and the trigger wheel needs to be <1mm. The arrangement below allows for adjustment in 3 directions for fine tuning.

Crank Sensor in Position

The EDIS module can be mounted in the engine bay, but I chose to mount underneath the dashboard for convenience.

Ford EDIS Unit Mounted Under the Dashboard
This is the kit you get from Trigger Wheels:

Megajolt Kit from Trigger-Wheels
The ECU cannot be mounted in the engine bay, so again this went underneath the dashboard.

Megajolt ECU Mounted Under the Dashboard
Only problem with this part of the install was that the hole in the side of the cover was too small to allow the MAP sensor tube to fit securely. This side cover comes off easy and a couple of minutes with the die grinder and all was well.

MAP Sensor Connection on ECU
There was a take-off on the manifold when I got it, presumably for a brake servo, but provided the perfect fitting for the tube to connect to the MAP sensor on the ECU. It passes through the bulkhead with a neat 90° connector.

Tube from Manifold to ECU

No pictures yet of the coil pack mounting. I'll wait until that is mounted properly before I show you.

Just need to get the laptop down to the garage, plug into the ECU and make sure I can establish a connection, then upload a sample timing map.

More to follow soon!

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