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Friday, September 20, 2013

Megajolt (Part 4)

After confirming I could establish a link between laptop and ECU, I transferred a timing map from one of the sample ones that came with the Megajolt kit. It was for a Spitfire 1500, so not necessarily ideal, but a good starting point.

I disabled the old coil & distributor and connected up the coil pack and leads, turned the ignition key and she fired, run and revved nicely. You can see a short video of the first start here:

Once happy all was running OK, I set about removing the old distributor. The distributor keeps the skew gear in place, which in turn drives the oil pump, so you need to make a blanking plate to replicate this. I was lucky enough to have a scrap distributor, so I got a local engineer to cut the base off and machine an insert so the skew gear could rotate within and be held in position. I then mounted the coil pack on top so it has a similar look as original.

The plug leads are all too long as they came off a 90's Ford Escort, so just waiting for some rubber boots and connectors to arrive so I can shorten them to suit.

Coil Pack Mounted in Place of old Distributor
The take off on the carb for the vacuum advance is now redundant, so this was blanked off.

Vacuum Advance Blanked Off at Carbs
No need for the standard coil, so this was removed.

Where the coil used to be
With a little research and patience this was a relatively simple conversion, well within the capabilities of any competent home mechanic. I have only done a few miles in the car at the time of writing, but first impressions are good.

I will book a rolling road session at some point soon to have the timing map adjusted to be more suited to the car and to get the needles checked in the twin SU's.

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