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Monday, November 4, 2013

Courtesy Lights

The single fascia lamp in the Herald isn't the best at illuminating the inside of the car, so to see what I could do to improve this I done a quick search on EBay.

Being a convertible the options are a little more limited as to where you can mount extra lights, so I decided on a pair of LED strips, available in various lengths and colours, but I opted for 25cm and white.

LED Strips
The strips have a self adhesive backing, which turned out to be pretty useless but I had some double sided tape which done a much better job. I mounted them behind the dashboard on the underside of the bulkhead, this lights up the footwell nicely.

The wiring was very simple, the red wire needs a permanent live connection, add an in-line fuse if you wish, the black needs to be earthed via the existing wire that runs from the fascia lamp to one of the switches on the A-Post. The additional lights can be turned on by the fascia lamp switch.

Second part of the job was to install a delay unit so the lights didn't turn off immediately when you closed the door, which is quite useful if you're trying to find keys, glasses etc. when it's dark. There were various units available, but I opted for one that was smaller and neater and had a pre-set 12 second delay.

Delay Unit
Again very simple to wire, the red connects to the earth wire from fascia lamp to one of the switches on the A-Post, the black wire to a permanent earth.

Below is a wiring diagram showing both modifications.

Wiring Diagram

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