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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bad Luck comes in 3's......

.....or so they say.

Bad Luck No.1 - Gearbox Failure.

The Overdrive gearbox I put in a couple of years ago was always a bit crunchy into 2nd, it was OK if you took it nice and slow, but anything slightly hurried and all sorts of painful noises would follow.

So back in June, a few days before a run out with the local TSSC group and I completely lost 2nd and 3rd wasn't feeling too clever either. Taking the gear lever extension and top cover off didn't really tell me anything, so no option but to get the gearbox out and inspect it.

Remains of the Needle Roller Bearing
Once the gearbox was out and stripped it was pretty obvious what was wrong, the remains of the needle roller bearing were everywhere, mainly in the synchro hubs which would explain why it was impossible to select 2nd.

I already had a selection of NOS syncho rings that I had collected when they popped up on eBay, but everything else needed was ordered from Canley's & Rimmers.

Parts to do a Gearbox Rebuild 
Gearboxes have always seemed like black magic to me, but I decided I had to get over my fear and do it myself, if only to save some money!

I can report back that with a little patience, plenty of reading of the Workshop Manual and advice from the TSSC Forum she's went back together with only one minor hiccup. With that resolved I now have a crunch free gearbox.

Bad Luck No.2 - Suspension Failure

After a very enjoyable weekend away in Sherborne in the Herald, where she had performed perfectly, I decided to take her into work on the Monday morning. As I turned into parking space at low speed all I could hear was a grinding noise and a lack of forward motion. I jumped out of the car to find the NSF suspension had collapsed.

I had been victim of the not so unusual snapping of the thread on the vertical link, right at the top of the trunnion. You can't call yourself a true Triumph owner until this has happened to you, just hope it's another 18 years before the next time.

On the flatbed with collapsed suspension
I had actually sold most of my spare Triumph bits a while back, but by some strange chance the one bit I still has was a LH vertical link. So within 24 hours we were back on the road again.

Bad Luck No.3 - Stop, Stop, Stop....Bang!

Two weeks ago a White Van Man decides to stop just outside my house, so I stop a cars length behind him. To get a better look at our house name, he shoves it in reverse and come straight back into me.....

Broken Indicator Lens
Bent Valance & Bracket
Into the bodyshop next week for repair.

Hope that's all the bad luck for a bit.

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