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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Converting a Triumph Herald to EFI (Part 4 - Final Mods & Wiring)

You can use just a narrowband 02 sensor to save money, but if you want to try and tune the car yourself then a wideband sensor and controller is essential. I used the Spartan 2 controller which ships with a decent Bosch sensor and is well priced. I have a stainless 4-2-1 manifold, so I welded in a bung just past the 2-1 join to get a combined reading from all 4 banks. Orientation of the sensor is important, it should be between 10 & 2 O'Clock to avoid damage from condensation.

Wideband 02 sensor
With no need for the old mechanical pump, I made a blanking plate that incorporated an additional breather as my engine would definitely benefit from it.

Fuel pump blanking plate/additional breather.
The breather tube in the crankcase is normally on the carb side for obvious reasons, but that's not so great as they've now gone. I decided to ditch my alloy cover and go back to an original steel type as I could easily move the tube to the other side. I took the opportunity to increase the size from 13mm to 16mm just to aid breathing even more.

Modified rocker cover
The position of the throttle body prevented fitting a filter directly to it, so a length of ducting was used to position the filter behind the front valance. A short length of 70mm steel tube was used to connect the filter to the ducting, this had a bung welded into it to take the Air Temperature Sensor.

Air Filter
All that was left to do was to run the existing accelerator cable to the throttle body, make electrical connections to the 4 injectors, Air & Water Temperature sensors, Throttle Position Sensor & Idle Control Valve. All the sensors need calibrating, Air & Water were simple as I'd bought GM spec ones so it was just a matter of selecting from a drop down list. The TPS you just need to record values at fully open and fully closed, and 02 sensor is also an option you can select.

So with everything in place, the only thing left to do was to see if she'd start......

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